Balmule House


Balmule House has foundations – and features – that stretch back for over 500 years, yet it’s a property that’s been designed and crafted with every modern convenience.

Over the years and from one generation to the next, every owner has lent their personality and added their own personal touch to the character of the building, writing their chapter in the story of Balmule. Our client wanted more than a faceless set of property particulars. He wanted an exceptional brochure that would reflect the genuine quality of the building and would ultimately appeal to the wedding and corporate venue marketplace.


With such a wealth of reference material it was quite a task to strike a balance between the historical and modern aspects of the house. Referencing the history, we first created a brand identity developed from a shield motif that was found on stonework in the grounds, and was believed to be the crest of the Wardlaws – one-time owners of the house.

The concept of ‘The Story so Far – The Next Chapter is Yours’ was carried through the brochure. A timeline runs across the top of each spread, while the pages deliver the proposition through a combination of lavish photography, creative copy and attention grabbing infographics.

It was important that the brochure should reflect the values and presence of the house. This was achieved with a design-led, innovative approach – adding print finishes such as black foil embossing, French folds and throw-out pages – sewn into a matt black cover using a brilliant magenta thread. This created a beautiful, lavish and unique brochure.

Brand Development
Photography & Art Direction
Brochure Design

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