Scottish Cycling


Rock Up & Ride is a series of fun, free and easy to access fully inclusive sessions aimed at children aged 7-14 years. These sessions link directly to cycling clubs, aimed at delivering a long-term, sustainable increase in cycling activity and subsequent behavioural change.

SBP were commissioned to create a brand identity for the initiative and produce a supporting activity book to provide a variety of information and activities.


The booklets offer a diverse range of cycling skills, knowledge, maintenance tips, and entertaining challenges to enhance the biking experience. Faced with photography limitations, an illustrative design was adopted, complemented by a unique icon set. Integrating multimedia, QR codes in the print version and interactive links in the digital version connect users to relevant YouTube videos and web pages.

These booklets have gained immense popularity, prompting the creation of editions tailored for both adults and families, proving their effectiveness in catering to a broad audience of cycling enthusiasts.

Brand Development
Brochure Design
Production Management
Illustration & Art Direction

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